Delivering on-demand legal services enhanced by artificial intelligence at a price your business can afford.

About DeepLaw

We get it.

​We know you hate paying lawyers.

And we also know running a business means you may face legal issues at any hour of the day and night.

That's why we've meticulously trained our A.I. legal assistant, ELaiNA, to help run every aspect of our firm that can be automated. And she works 24 hours a day.

While most traditional law firms factor into their fees the costs of their own administrative, paralegal, and other conventional expenses, we take a different approach.

Through the power of artificial intelligence and automation, ELaiNA cuts down our fees significantly, while increasing our speed and availability and allowing us to maintain the same high quality representation we've always provided our clients.

And we are constantly updating ELaiNA's knowledge so she's up-to-date on new laws relevant to your business and ours.

Just like a human, ELaiNA learns from every client and every case. We do this through our partnership with our affiliate, The Deep Technologies. But unlike traditional tech companies, DeepLaw and The Deep Technologies will never sell or share your data. We are a law firm and client confidentiality is essential.

Our attorneys review everything, and just like in a traditional law firm setting you always have access to us, too.

Check out our Subscription Page for more information on how to get started.

Anytime. Anywhere. As much as you need.

Instant Answers with ELaiNA

ELaiNA is not your average A.I. or your average legal assistant. She's trained by lawyers, and she has access to up-to-date legal precedent in areas of law relevant to your business.

Live Attorney Advice

ELaiNA knows a lot, but we also know sometimes you need to speak to your attorney over the phone. We're here for that, too.

Contract Self-Drafting

You need contracts drafted, and ELaiNA can help. She'll ask you questions to find out what kind of contract you need, and then she'll help put it together. Our attorneys will review the document before it's finalized.

Unlimited Support

Whatever subscription package you choose, we’re always here for unlimited technical support.


If your subscription allows, we can file your business entity paperwork, file your trademark, etc. If you don't need these projects today but realize you do later, you can upgrade for any of these services at anytime.


Check out our list of projects on the Subscription page. Need something that we haven't covered? Just let ELaiNA know, and we'll find a way to get it done. If it's outside of our practice area, we will gladly refer you to another attorney who can help.

How To Sign Up

1. Select Plan: Scroll through Subscription page and select the Illinois Monthly/Annual Subscription or U.S. Trademark Package of your choosing.

2. Checkout: Once selected, scroll down to “Click here to checkout” and click to checkout.

3. Create Account: Enter all information and then click “Next.”

4. Engagement Letter: Scroll through and read the Engagement Letter. Then click “Agree & Submit.”

5. Access Code: An access code will pop up on your screen in red. Please write down your code. Then click “Got it.”

6. Portal: Once in the portal you can begin to communicate with ELaiNA!

Ready? Questions? Say Hi!