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COMING SOON - Annual Trademark Monitoring Add-On - $250/yr

Effectively enforce and maintain your trademark registration with weekly trademark monitoring to warn of possible infringing trademark applications submitted to the USPTO.

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Simple Projects Up to $1,000 in Value

  • Initial cease and desist drafting ($800)
  • Cease and desist response and negotiation ($800)
  • General negotiation and strategy ($1,000)
  • 3rd party attorney contract review ($1,000)
  • Basic trademark filing in one class [application only - no search, no USPTO correspondence] ($900)
  • Basic business formation filing ($1,000)
  • Attorney contract review of self-drafted contract ($600)

Complex Projects Up to $6,000 in Value

  • Complex cease and desist ($2,500)
  • Complex trademark search, filing, UPSTO correspondence in one class ($4,000)
  • Complex legal research ($2,500)
  • Commercial leases ($3,500)
  • Complex business formation [By Laws, Operating Agreements, Shareholder Rights] ($6,000)
  • Software e-commerce licensing agreements ($4,500)
  • Tailored employment contracts ($4,000)
  • Private Placement Memorandum, Subscription Agreement, and Form D filing package ($25,000)
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